Look for the WDCR “God Will Never Abandon Us” Christmas Billboards

Looking for something fun to do? How about that WDCR Christmas Billboard contest? Look for the ten WDCR “God Will Never Abandon Us” Christmas billboards.

Here are the Contest Rules:

When you find the billboards, identify by nearest street intersection or landmark. For each billboard you find your name will be placed in a drawing. The more billboards you find increases your chances of winning. For example, you find seven billboards, your name will be entered in the drawing with seven entries. Winner receives $250 from a generous sponsor. Contest begins on St. Nicholas Feast Day, December 6th. Submit your entries by midnight December 31st. Winner will be notified January 4th. Email your name, phone number and where you found the WDCR Christmas billboards, identified with nearest street intersection or landmark, to contact@wdcrradio.com.